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In the late great words of Kurt Cobain:

I hate myself and want to die.

She’s unlike the rest
But she can’t pass the test unless she gets undressed
And bears it all
Damsels dirty disgusting self mess

Thats girls on fire with feirce desire and a wicked will to live
She’s gonna give it all she has to give

I fucking hate you

You fucking killed me
You fucking ruined my entire life
In more ways you could ever imagine
In more ways I can comprehend
You took EVERYTHING from me

I have so much anger inside of me
It scares me

I’m so fucking done

if I don’t matter in anyone’s major life choices

I’m making my own without them

According to Oprah:
Your Result:

You are an achiever: Ambitious, competitive, and hardworking: That’s you. With a clear image of who you are, you work tirelessly to make sure your accomplishments are recognized. Your drive for success extends to your family, and you invest a lot of energy in helping them live up to your expectations. Thanks to your knack for diplomacy and abundant charisma, you often inspire others.
What to watch out for: You are prone to becoming a workaholic, slaving away toward success while neglecting your personal life. Because you’re driven to gain approval, you can find yourself performing for others like an actor; if you become overly concerned with your image, you end up feeling superficial. To keep your ambition under control, get involved in group activities that require cooperation. Also practice listening to those around you and think about sharing the spotlight from time to time.
Looking ahead: Any career that allows you to scale the ranks and gain recognition, status, even material rewards, lights you up. Actress, entrepreneur, salesperson, politician—you get the picture. And consider balancing your professional challenges with personal ones: Run a 10K, train for a triathlon, compete in a tennis tournament, bike from one end of your state to the other; or join a debate team, play in a poker circle, enter your purebred spaniel in a dog show. Whenever you can win at something, you’re happy.

i find it insane

those who think without a brain

and live in vein ;;; breathing off a lifeline

that is nothing more than a thin, grey, line

It’s not love, it’s a behavior mimicking what looks like it

Fuck shit up and put your name in the ground. – Joey Stevens

I find it funny
No one would come to see
No one would remember me
I could end this screaming
And my soul would sail away silently
I can cease to be
And set my body free

At 84.8 lbs my psych says I’m not thin enough to get into an ED program

But this chubby ass bitch in the documentary eats twice a day and gets to talk?!

It’s truly astounding
How little my existence matters
To the people who know me