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Fuck shit up and put your name in the ground. – Joey Stevens

I find it funny
No one would come to see
No one would remember me
I could end this screaming
And my soul would sail away silently
I can cease to be
And set my body free

At 84.8 lbs my psych says I’m not thin enough to get into an ED program

But this chubby ass bitch in the documentary eats twice a day and gets to talk?!

It’s truly astounding
How little my existence matters
To the people who know me

Everyone would happier if I were dead
Most the time I spend is time spent alone in my head

All i have left to say
Has already been said

My life story is a waste of time if read

My existence is either a burden or a bother to everyone I love…

All my heros are dead

→ http://lyrics.wikia.com/Nirvana:Been_A_Son

♫ #Lyrics for “Been A Son” by Nirvana from #wikia

Im scared shitless for the day I give my dog away
Because on that day everything I have to live for will have gone away

Don’t look at me that way
I have gone away
I’m hanging from a rope
Haunting myself as my own ghost

My soul was stolen my heart has died and the color has drained from my eyes with every tear they’ve cried this grey has stained my sheets and left me feeling forever incomplete

Tell me how, can I, grow to see the change in my life
I wanted, to overcome the battle inside what is owed to anxiety’s hold
Is there a better way to figure it out?
– Grieves
The break is broken – My Mom
→ http://shane-koyczan-poems.tumblr.com/post/33273229445/more-often-than-sometimes-if-i-knew-what-i-know


More Often Than Sometimes

If I knew what I know now then, way back when we first met, I’d point to the sunset and say, “I drew that for you. Every now and then you can catch it wrinkling in the rain.”

See, I can talk a good game from the stage, but if you want to gauge the romantic things…