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I hope I die tonight

There is no one on earth who gives a shit enough to save my life


I wish I could overdose

I wish I could be in a comatose

I wish that I was dead

I wish I could screw back on my head

I wish this never happened

I wish I could forget

I don’t know how much longer I can live with this shit.

"It will be okay"

"It will get better"

That’s  what everyone keeps trying to say

but all I want to scream is “fey”

fuck you

I’, not okay

I am not getting better

I want my bed back

I want my brain back

I want my fucking body back.

So it’s all my fault
My healing hasb come to a halt

im done being put on hold

i have no one and soon no one will have me

how the fuck does colorado springs

not answer:


rape hotline

suicide hotline

crisis hotline

thanks we’re all gonna die

I can’t

I can’t handle this

I am so broken

I can’t face up to this

because I can’t fucking handle this

and the truth is I’m all alone

and no matter how many hotlines I dial on the phone

all I get is a busy tone

this place is not a home

it’s hell

and I don’t think I have the tools to cope or get well

I’m alone

and I feel used up

im so close to dead

you’re about to wish you revoked those words you said

or didn’t say

but hey

at least you’ll live to see another day :)

each brutal day feels more a bore

and I’ve no longer got a single thing to be living for

I don’t feel human anymore

;;; so unsure

I feel like a revolving door

with every 360, i burn to the core

Infinitely astonishing – Divine Intervention

The crack between
“I’m fine”
And the fine line
Is often the point where too many fall

For the sake of being up all night long

Its not up for interpret, no longer paranoid of exploiting the verdict

This is about a balloon that got punctured the night the sunrise ducked South to stay dark.

And every last flame lost all spark.